Why students dropout of high school (the consequences and how to prevent it)

Why do students Drop out of High School?

Quitting high school before graduation is not something that only happens to other people. Some learners make a clean break with their schools and refuse to return. Others begin attending school so sporadically that they eventually just quit coming. Is it possible to prevent high school dropout decisions? In many cases, the answer is yes. 

Contributing Factors to the High School Dropout Crisis

Teen pregnancy is a situation that most people associate with dropping out.

However, there are far more pressing reasons that cause students to risk the consequences of dropping out of high school.

Examples include employment, drug abuse, bullying, and boredom. In some cases, there is no support at home for a struggling learner who eventually gives up on education. 

Why Dropping out is the Wrong Decision

Problems do not stop after dropping out of high school.

Regardless of your reason for leaving school without graduating, the problem won't resolve itself by running from it:

  • You will still be someone who needs to learn how to deal with boredom and bullying. Only now, you find these situations in the workplace.
  • Drug abuse and clinging to the security of a dead end job for money today will continue to keep you from achieving the goals you have for your life.
  • Dropping out because of a pregnancy will make it harder to be the best parent you can be for your new child.

Student reading her phone. Why do students dropout and how to prevent it. AMerican High School Academy, MiamiLong-term consequences of dropping out of high school are typically financial. Each year, someone without a high school diploma earns about $9,500 less than a graduating counterpart.

There are many professional, high paying positions that you do not qualify for. Once you've dropped out, knowing you don't qualify for these positions may force you to continue with a job that offers you no upward mobility.

It is Possible to Prevent the Decision to Dropout of High School?

It is impossible to cure boredom or effectively abolish bullying. However, there are alternatives:

1. Offer an online substitute. If teen pregnancy, substance abuse treatment, or bullying keeps you out of a brick and mortar school, you can still benefit from online education. Not a GED, this type of online high school provides the same kind of coursework that the standards require.

student studing online course. High School Dropout Prevention Alternatives. American High School Academy, Miami2. Provide credit recovery. If boredom or circumstances prevented you from meeting the credit requirements for passing your grade, credit recovery lets you make up what you missed. You can still graduate with your class if you buckle down now and put in a little extra effort. Best of all, it does not matter if your school does not offer these classes right now. Online learning comes to the rescue.

3. Summer school learning. Set yourself up for success by taking classes over the summer months. You do not have to wait until the traditional school year starts to make up some of these courses.

4. Study abroad programs. If you are traveling with the family, do not jeopardize your academic standing. Graduating with your class – on time – is possible with virtual learning opportunities. Access them from around the globe.

Is There a Way to Earn a High School Diploma after Dropping Out?

You dropped out a while ago. It is too late to return to your high school. Can you still enjoy financial and professional success after dropping out of high school? Ordinarily, the answer would be no. Once you decide to quit high school, your only choice is to apply for the GED. 

However, adult high school completion gives you a chance at a do-over. You benefit from an adult version of the education that lets you present a high school diploma to prospective employers or institutions of higher learning. In this case, success after dropping out of high school is a distinct possibility. 

If you are thinking of dropping out or have already done so, consider your options. The American High School Academy routinely assists students just like you. Find out today how you can earn your diploma.

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