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Who We Are

American High School Academy (AHSA) is an innovative and fully accredited college preparatory school devoted to educational excellence, where students are inspired and challenged to reach their full potential.

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Our Mission

At American High School Academy, we aim to empower and educate the whole student, embracing a modern and dynamic learning approach that honors and cultivates their individual talents and gifts. We believe in creating an inclusive educational journey that actively involves families, integrating them into every step of their child's growth and development.

Our Vision

Our innovative and nurturing environment is designed to prepare students not just for college, but for life's exciting journey ahead. We are committed to providing exceptional educational services that extend beyond the classroom, fostering a strong sense of community on both local and global scales.

As we embark on this educational adventure together, we invite parents to actively participate in their child's progress, understanding that learning is a collaborative endeavor where home and school synergistically come together to shape a successful and fulfilling future.

Deven Delgado, American High School Academy, 2023 graduate

A Message from Our Head of Schools


Reinaldo Valentino, Head of Schools, American High School AcademyAs Head of Schools, I am proud that American High School Academy has been serving our community for over 21 years, providing excellence in education and personalized learning experiences.


I am excited to share with you the range of educational opportunities available at American High School Academy (AHSA). At AHSA, we understand that each student is unique and we are committed to providing a variety of learning options to meet their individual needs. In addition to our personalized microschool environment, we also offer blended and virtual learning options.


Blended learning combines the best aspects of traditional classroom instruction with online resources and technology. This approach allows students to benefit from face-to-face interaction with our dedicated teachers while engaging in independent online activities. It offers the flexibility to customize their education while still receiving the support and guidance of our qualified staff.


For parents who prefer virtual learning, our comprehensive online curriculum maintains the same high standards as our face-to-face classes. Students have access to a wide range of courses, interactive learning materials, and virtual classrooms where they can interact with their peers and teachers.


We understand that education is not just about academics, which is why we place a high value on fostering social connections. Our clubs and organizations, including our esteemed Key Club, give students the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers and participate in community service activities. These clubs promote not only social networking, but also personal growth and the development of lifelong friendships.


Mr. Reinaldo Valentino, Head of Schools
American High School Academy

A Message from Our Principal

Un mensaje de nuestra directora

Carmen Molina-Churchman, Principal, American High School AcademyAmerican High School Academy is a non-traditional private school, which focuses on the student and their needs. As a Leader in a school, the most important role is to advocate for the students and staff so they can inspire growth, and kindness.


As AHSA's Principal, my role is to provide a safe, supportive, caring, and nurturing learning environment where all students can express their limitless potential.


To each individual student, know that OUR journey together will be full of collaboration, exploration, and inclusion until you reach the final destination - graduation! Everyone on the AHSA team is here to ensure you blossom into the remarkable individual you are meant to be. THANK YOU for choosing us!


Mrs. Carmen Molina-Churchman, Principal
Certified School Counselor
American High School Academy

Dedicated to Our Students' Success

The AHSA Team

Reinaldo Valentino, Head of Schools, American High School Academy

Reinaldo Valentino

Head of Schools

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Carmen Molina-Churchman, Principal, American High School Academy

Carmen Molina-Churchman


Certified School Counselor

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Christina Delgado, Educational Specialist, American High School Academy

Christina Delgado

Educational Specialist

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Maria Deal, Enrollment Specialist, American High School Academy

Maria Deal

Enrollment Specialist

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Alyssa Gonzalez

Education Assistant

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Lilybell Fernandez

Enrollment & Recruitment Specialist

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Ken Garrido

Program Technology Coordinator

Celine Churchman, Social Media & Alumni Association Coordinator, American High School Academy

Celine Churchman

Social Media & Alumni Association Coordinator