Solutions for Preventing Dropout and Improving High School Graduation Rates. American High School Academy, Miami, FL

Solutions for Preventing Dropout and Improving High School Graduation Rates

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You know that there are plenty of situations that cause learners to dropout of high school before they graduate. You also realize that doing so dramatically diminishes their future professional successes. However, there are some tried and true dropout prevention strategies.

Credit Recovery Programs Help Students Who Struggle to Keep up with Peers

Administrators frequently identify students who are at risk of dropping out. Although they are on the rolls, it is clear that they do not have the credits they need to graduate. Some give up at this point. However, there is a way to help them earn the credits outside of the standard school experience.

Accredited online high school courses let these learners make up classes and credits. As a result, they can still graduate with their classmates. There is a wide variety of students who benefit from credit recovery programs.

  • Learners with failing grades. It does not matter why the student fell behind. The problem arises in the lack of valid credits. Building on the learning that already took place is possible. Credit recovery courses are typically self-contained, which makes them easy to start and finish.
  • Students with behavioral problems. Sometimes, students undergo suspension or expulsion. This can be the case when there are drug problems or personal issues. Once these are resolved, the student is now at a distinct disadvantage. Coursework went on. Once again, it is possible to catch up on the work with credit recovery.
  • Youngsters with health problems. Pregnancy, hospitalization, and accident recovery are just a few of the health problems high school students may face. In the past, this would have meant having to repeat a grade. However, in high school, this situation frequently leads to a dropout. When participating in credit recovery classes online, these learners do not have to do so.

Dropout Prevention Strategies for Bullied Students

In some cases, the learners have tried to remain in the classroom. Then some bullies targeted them. Administrators quickly dealt with the situation. Even so, the learner no longer feels like they want to continue attending school. An effective intervention for at risk students in this setting is a virtual school program.

When parents express the desire to keep the student at home, this is a viable alternative. The American High School Academy offers online courses for learners in grades six to 12. Therefore, you can catch situations like this early on. Moreover, it ensures the use of a proven curriculum that meets the state’s standards.

If the family later decides that the student will return to the school district, they will be ready to step into a classroom. Continuing the learning process in this way is meaningful and allows for future successes. The dropout prevention school program Miami administrators talk about also personalizes online learning. Students on track for early college enrollment appreciate this option.

Alternative Education Benefits Program Participants Who Would Ordinarily Leave School Due to Scheduling Conflicts

At the heart of alternative education is flexibility. Therefore, the program is an effective intervention for at risk students with situations that are beyond their control. A good example is the high school sophomore or senior who needs to contribute to a family’s income. Usually, these students would drop out of school to work full-time.

Alternative education offers a flexible schedule that lets the learners take classes at a time that works for them. Usually, these hours of availability are not the same as they would be in the standard classroom. As a result, these individuals can take care of their responsibilities while finishing their education.

For others, the problem has to do with learning disabilities. These conditions frequently become more pronounced as children age. In some cases, classroom attendance becomes too difficult for the individual. Moreover, standard assistive technology or interventions may not work. Rather than letting the learner drop out, consider alternative education.

It allows for one-on-one attention from teaching professionals. Learners with disabilities thrive in an environment that customizes its program. Moreover, many of these students genuinely love to learn. They just have a difficult time keeping up with peers in regular classrooms.

Dropout Prevention That Includes College Placement Assistance

Administrators understand that educating a learner is only part of the equation. What comes next is just as important. Some high school graduates decide against higher education and join the workforce. With a high school diploma, they are in an excellent position to find entry-level jobs in many fields.

These same students would have tremendous problems finding work if they had dropped out. However, because proactive professionals offered alternatives to merely leaving the school, these young adults have a good start in life.

Of course, dropout prevention can also lead to college careers. Alternative education programs help learners to pinpoint career paths that they want to embark on after graduation. For many, this means going to college.

College placement assistance is an invaluable tool for charting a course that leads from high school graduation to college entrance.

High school counselors find that this is frequently a missing piece in the conversation with a student thinking about dropping out. This learner has lost hope that there is life after school. Maybe there is not much in-home support concerning a possible career path. Perhaps this student wants to focus on a hobby that could become a career.

However, because they did not spend enough time studying, the hobby no longer has parental support. To make matters worse, the prospect of graduating on time is in jeopardy. Counselors can help these students to find college programs that embrace their hobbies. The alternative education provider then becomes the bridge that makes a move possible.

Partner with an Expert in the Field

Protect your students’ best interest by learning more about the dropout prevention school program Miami talks about. The American High School Academy wants to help learners finish their education. Teachers are committed to doing what it takes to make it happen.

Whether the student finishes the education with this program or returns to finish it at the district high school, the ultimate goal is the high school diploma. Contact us today to learn more.

American High School Academy, is a private, fully accredited high school based in Miami, Florida that offers both online and classroom high school courses.  We also offer credit recovery, dual enrollment, and study abroad programs among others.

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