College and FAFSA Application Assistance Available Free to All AHSA Graduates

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The FAFSA application form can be a bit overwhelming.

We understand the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can seem like a complicated bit of paperwork.

College-bound high school graduates fill it out and submit it to find out how much student financial aid they qualify for.

American High School Academy (AHSA) graduates applying to Miami Dade College and other schools do so as well. However, they do not have to go it alone. Instead, they get help completing FAFSA application paperwork.

College Placement Services are Part and Parcel of the AHSA Package

AHSA counselors work with each student to provide college placement services. After all, for many students, the high school diploma is not the end. Rather, it is a starting point.

Finding the right colleges to apply to does not have to be difficult, either. Many like what they see when looking at Miami Dade College programs.

Counselors assist with filling out the application. Moreover, they provide input on how to navigate the process on time. What makes this Miami Dade College such an attractive destination for recent graduates?

Why Applying to Miami Dade College Could Be the Right Choice for You

Miami Dade College Downtown Campus. Photo by Phillip Pessar (Flickr, CC BY 2.0)The school has an excellent reputation. It is ranked first in the nation among two-year colleges.

With more than 300 degree and certificate programs, it has something for everyone. Besides that, class sizes are typically around 25 students, which proves the school’s commitment to excellence. After all, there are 165,000 enrolled students.

A particular draw is the selection of accelerated degree programs. Students can complete associate degrees in one short year.

Possible fields of study include computer information technology, nursing, business administration, and psychology. From there, learners can move on to complete a four-year degree if they so desire.

Another advantage is the possibility of stacking credentials. Several credential maps combine industry certificates with the availability of a two-year degree.

They then lead seamlessly into a bachelor’s degree that the learner may complete at the school. Miami Dade College programs include several business, computer, and educational degrees.

First Things First: Graduate from High School

Before AHSA counselors can give you help completing FAFSA application steps, you need to earn your high school diploma. There are several options open to you when the traditional school setting does not work for you.

Learn online or in the classroom.

  • It is never too late to go back to school and earn a high school diploma. The flexibility of choosing between online or classroom study (or a combination of both!)  makes going back to school more possible than ever.
  • Unlike a GED, the diploma makes many adults feel like they finally completed a chapter of their lives.

Credit recovery programs.

  • You are currently a high school student. A series of unforeseen circumstances derailed your educational accomplishments. Maybe you struggled with behavioral issues.
  • For some, an unplanned pregnancy made school attendance difficult. Credit recovery lets you make up coursework that your regular school does not offer at this time. You might still be able to graduate with peers.

Dual enrollment opportunities.

  • Some learners want to move ahead. They need accelerated classes that keep them interested in the learning process. For these students, dual enrollment in high school and college is the best choice.

Alternative education.

  • Your high school program is not working for you. You have tried to make it work. For some students, there is a problem with bullying at the high school. Others struggle with disabilities that make reasonable academic progress difficult.
  • An alternative educational setting could be the best method for still achieving academic success.

Should I Take a Year off after High School Graduation?

There has been much talk about taking a gap year. Unless you plan to travel internationally, it is not a good idea.

For starters, you are still in a learning mindset. Continue your education while you have your day structured to focus primarily on learning and succeeding.

Besides, there is the question of professional success. Losing a year may not seem like a big deal right now, but it will be two or four years from now when you enter the job market.

Former peers will already be moving up and no longer in entry-level positions. You may end up playing catch-up on a professional level, which can discourage some from pursuing careers.

A better option is to start now at Miami Dade. Complete your two-year degree. Afterward, you might consider studying abroad for a year.

Doing so will boost your credentials and help you in the job market when you return. Most importantly, it will provide employers with the well-rounded prospective worker they want to see in an increasingly multi-national workforce.

Find out more about your options today. Friendly counselors at AHSA want to help you make your educational goals become a reality.

They are here to help you earn your high school diploma and gladly prepare you for college and whatever else may be ahead. Contact us today for more information.

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