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College and FAFSA Application Assistance Available Free to All AHSA Graduates

Free college placement and FAFSA application assistance provided to all American High School Academy graduates.
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Help At-Risk Teens Succeed: Alternative School Programs Get Them to Graduation

Many factors can put students at-risk of dropping out of high school before graduation. Alternative high school programs can help where regular schools can't.
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Completing Your Diploma Online? Make Sure You Choose a Fully Accredited High School

Your high school diploma is the key to your future financial security and stability. An alternative or online school to complete your diploma could be your solution. But, before signing up, be sure you choose a school that is fully accredited.
Can I Get Florida Student Financial Aid, and How Do I Apply? American High School Academy, Miami, FL

Can I Get Florida Student Financial Aid and How Do I Apply?

The way to receive Florida student financial aid seems complicated for first-time applicants. There are options for loans, which you must repay, and for state scholarships as well as grants. These typically do not require repayment. However, you have to meet a stringent set of application criteria. Here’s how to go about applying for financial aid in Florida.
College Next Exit. How to Prepare for College as a High School Senior. American High School Academy, Miami, FL.

How to Prepare for College While in High School as a Senior

When should you start putting together your checklist for getting into college? In a perfect world, you will have started making plans in your junior year. Doing so will have allowed you to plan for meeting admission requirements for college. However, even if you waited until your senior year, you still have plenty of options open to you.
Is an Alternative High School the Help Your Child Needs? American High School Academy

Choosing an Alternative High School: Is it the Solution to Your Child’s Success?

If traditional high school isn't working for your child, choosing the right alternative school can be the solution they need to graduate.
Solutions for Preventing Dropout and Improving High School Graduation Rates. American High School Academy, Miami, FL

Solutions for Preventing Dropout and Improving High School Graduation Rates

Are you at the forefront of improving student outcomes? You know that there are plenty of situations that cause learners to dropout of high school before they graduate. You also realize that doing so dramatically diminishes their future professional successes. However, there are some tried and true dropout prevention strategies.
Boy with Skateboard in schoolyard. Why students Dropout of High School & How to Prevent it. AMerican Academy High School, Miami

Why students dropout of high school (the consequences and how to prevent it)

Why do students Dropout of High School? Quitting high school before graduation is not something that only happens to other people. Some learners make a clean break with their schools and refuse to return. Others begin attending school so sporadically that they eventually just quit coming. Is it possible to prevent the decision to dropout? In many cases, yes.
High School Credit Recovery In Miami Dade (What You Need To Know)

High School Credit Recovery in Miami Dade (What You Need to Know)

You are a high school student who has run into some problems. As a result, you have a difficult time meeting your school’s credit requirements for graduation. In the past, this would have meant giving up and dropping out. Today, you have the opportunity to participate in a high school credit recovery program.
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Finishing your high school diploma? Read these key study tips to excel (for both online & classroom courses!)

Are you an adult who wants to go back to high school? Do you need to relearn how to study? Maybe you are a teen who is on the verge of dropping out of a traditional high school, but you want to give yourself a last chance at academic success. Learning how to study for…
In class or online high school course. American High School Academy

Online & Classroom High School Courses (The Pros and Cons of Each)

What are the Benefits of Classroom Study to Finish High School? It is what almost everyone does. It involves clubs, sporting events, teams, the typical assortment of cliques, and social interactions. Your parents went through this type of learning environment. The majority of your friends are going through it right now. It feels like a safe…
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What’s an Alternative High School? (Is it Right for You?)

You’ve heard about alternative high school and the education options offered through them. Maybe you’ve been kicking around the idea of going back to get that high school diploma you need or maybe someone mentioned alternative high schools to you as a way for your teen to finish her or his education. So, what is…

Should I Complete My High School Diploma? (Is it Better Than a GED?)

Why Should I Get My High School Diploma (When a GED is Faster) Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. People dropout of school before finishing their diploma for all kinds of reasons. For some, family circumstances and financial obligations may force a student to withdraw from high school early. Sometimes it’s personal issues such as an…
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Is a High School Diploma Important? (We’ll tell you the truth)

Here’s the truth about what a high school diploma means in today’s economy Do you regret your decision to drop out of high school? If you left school but are thinking of going back to finish your diploma, you may be wondering whether it’s worth the effort.  You may be asking if earning your high…