What is Alternative Education?

Alternative schools offer educational programs not usually found in regular schools.

Changing the one-size-fits-all approach of traditional education, they make high school completion accessible to a broad range of non-traditional learners.

In the process, these schools open the door to college placement. They can do so because their diplomas are accepted in colleges and universities. What types of alternative schools are available? Are you or your child a good candidate? Is an alternative education your learners missing puzzle piece to graduate high school?

Alternative education is not a new thing.

At the kindergarten and elementary school level, it is actually celebrated for addressing the diversities of children. Examples include the Montessori schools as well as Waldorf institutions. Unfortunately, this attention to detail often goes by the wayside after the sixth grade.

Today’s traditional middle and high schools serve the majority of students. However, some learners remain under-served. Historically, they would gradually decrease school attendance. Eventually, they drop out. By taking this step, many enter a road to an uncertain professional future.

What is alternative education but an opportunity to reach this unique demographic? With programs such as credit recovery that lead to a high school diploma, these educational institutions rescue today’s youngsters from an uncertain future.

Who Attends Alternative High School?

The American High School Academy welcomes a broad range of students who benefit from our career prep programs as well as credit recovery classes. There are learners with disabilities that make it difficult to remain focused in the standard classroom. Sometimes, even special education classrooms, if they are available, fail these students.

Other students struggle with behavioral issues. Frequent suspensions lead to severe gaps in learning. Older students may have already been expelled or incarcerated. In the past, their only option would have been the acquisition of a GED. Today, there is the opportunity to graduate alongside their peers.

Looking at who attends alternative education also introduces you to the advanced student. This is the learner who has left the curriculum behind and needs something more challenging. These students are at a high risk of dropping out rather than graduating early because of boredom. American High School staff members work with these learners to encourage early graduation and a continuation of their educational pursuits.

What Types of Alternative Schools are Available?

Many parents pay huge sums of money to private schools that advertise academic acceleration programs. Others try to find an accredited school that is not part of the public school system, which failed their children. Now that you know who attends alternative education, it is essential to narrow down your choices.

While magnet schools, independent study programs, and boarding schools are viable options for some, they do not address credit recovery satisfactorily. What types of alternative schools are available for these learners?

As a general rule of thumb, students in this category do very well with remote or in-class attendance when groups are small. They need a customized approach to learning that zeroes in on their goals. Most importantly, they need to work with education professionals who put the learners’ needs first.

How are Alternative Schools Different from Traditional Schools?

Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach that public schools take, alternative learning environments leverage the students’ strengths to their advantage. The class sizes are small. Online class attendance is not only possible but also welcomed. Because these learners have unique needs, the programs are flexible and customizable for the individual.

In addition, they are forward-looking. Motivation is a crucial component of the program. Therefore, they discuss comprehensive FAFSA, financial aid assistance, and scholarships with students. In Miami, Florida, the American High School Academy does away with peer competition and turns learning into a fun, convenient, and appealing exercise.

How Can an Alternative School Help Me Graduate?

What does this type of program look like in detail? Students still have to do classwork. Moreover, they still have to complete homework. And yes, there are exams. However, this is where the similarities to standard schools end.

High School Completion

The focus is on high school graduation. If your learner needs assistance primarily in mathematics, there is no point in focusing on electives. Rather, the student gets the in-depth instruction necessary to grasp and retain the required material.

Credit Recovery

It is not too late for a student to graduate. Even if your youngster has dropped out or is contemplating doing so, there is a program in place. Most importantly, expert instructors can give learners hope where traditional programs have turned them away.

Career Prep Programs

Some students need to know the why behind the how. By focusing on real-life application of curriculum approaches, it makes it easy for the learner to embrace a future career with a preparation that takes place now – at an academic level.

Accelerated Academic Programs to Graduate Early

The advanced student does not have to suffer the boredom of remaining in the standard classroom. When only a challenging curriculum will do, graduating early is an excellent way of beginning the next chapter of educational success. Alternative education makes it possible.

College Placement Services

Some students need help looking past the high school diploma – particularly when it is hard-won. For them, keeping a firm eye on the future serves as motivation for handling the coursework now. College placement services at alternative high schools embrace this understanding.

Applying for FAFSA, Financial Aid, and Scholarships in Florida

Do not give up fighting for your learner. If you are a student who is on the cusp of dropping out, there is an alternative to the learning environment that is not working for you right now. Rather than trying to make do with what you have, give yourself the best advantage possible for an excellent education.

American High School Academy specialists welcome the opportunity to introduce you to a college preparatory school that puts the individual learner first. Once you talk to them, ask them about the free college placement services that graduates of the school receive. Moreover, there is assistance with the scholarship and financial aid application process. Call today!

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