English as a Second Language (ESL)

Our English programs are structured to accelerate your learning with optimal time in the classroom. These programs help students significantly improve their English skills, and fully prepare them for business, university study in the USA or abroad, and or for personal achievement.


  • The English Program curriculum includes 30 lessons per week of classroom instruction and practice in all key language skills: speaking, listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, reading, and writing.
  • Students practice conversation skills and other essential speaking skills using practical, real-world English, write with accuracy and effectiveness, develop strategic listening skills, and improve their use of grammar.
  • Skills Enhancement Classes allow students to customize their program to suit individual interests. Sample classes include American Idioms, American Film, Current Events, and American Culture.
  • In our Language Technology Center, students work on their individual language skills and objectives through technology supported learning.
  • We provide students with regular opportunities to meet and speak with Americans, visit and observe school courses, listen to guest lecturers, and participate in local excursions.
  • Academic advising is included in the program for students who are considering further study at an American university, college, technical or vocational school.


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The curriculum organizes your English learning into 12 levels of proficiency. Each level can be completed in a four-week session in an Intensive English Program.


Levels may be grouped into: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Masters to allow students of similar abilities and interests to study together. When levels are combined, each student is tracked and evaluated according to his/her specific level in the program.


A student’s level is determined through placement testing upon admission. The placement test is made up of three parts: an oral interview, a writing sample, and a multiple-choice exam which tests listening, reading, vocabulary, and grammar.


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Texts and software included in the curriculum introduce works from respected authors in the field of English as a second language today. The content has been tailored exclusively by American High School Academy's language teachers to fit our curriculum and methodology.


In addition to these proprietary texts, American High School Academy students also have access to the award winning Rosetta-Stone language learning software. All materials support the communicative approach used by American High School Academy schools.


In the highly advanced Masters Level, students use materials and texts which contain authentic college and business level content to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Students also learn effective note-taking skills and prepare an American-style research paper.


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Leading technology plays an important role in our students’ English language studies.


American High School Academy provides students the opportunity to work with:

  • Desktop computers with flat-screen monitors.
  • Full capacity for playing CD and DVD-based programs..
  • A wide variety of language learning software from general English to popular songs.


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At the end of each 4-week session, students are evaluated for advancement to the next level based on their objectives.

Criteria used for this evaluation include but are not limited to:

  • Demonstration of skills during class.
  • Quizzes and tests.
  • Homework assignments.
  • Standardized Level Tests (final examinations).

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