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You Can Graduate

You’re struggling with staying in school.

Maybe you fell behind in your high school studies due to a health problem. Someone else has been dreading going to school due to bullying.
The result is the same: You miss one or more course credits that now appear as bad marks on your transcript. Without the credits, you won’t be able to graduate with your class.
This is where high school credit recovery can make a difference.

High School Credit Recovery Can Help Get You Back on Track

Online credit recovery is the most accessible opportunity to make up for poor study habits, less-than-stellar high school attendance, and all the times that you wish you had paid attention in school.

Of course, credit recovery can also help when you missed out on several classes due to no fault of your own. Perhaps the most frustrating scenario has to do with the high school course that is not offered. You’re on track for graduation but need this one course.

What you need now is a flexible learning option that doesn’t interfere with your current classes. Besides that, you still have a life outside of school. Online credit recovery, therefore, makes the most sense.

Whether you struggle with failing grades, want to graduate early, find yourself behind in credits, or can’t square your school schedule with your extracurricular activities, credit recovery is the answer to get students back on track and is a significant facet of high school dropout prevention.

The mechanics themselves are simple. You work with your school to determine which classes will transfer. The American High School Academy does the rest. Our intake specialist helps define a curriculum for you that meets your needs, helps you catch up on high school credits, and prevents you from sitting down while the rest of your classmates are graduating.

Online High School Remediation Bridges the Bigger Gaps to Graduation

If the issue isn't a few missing credits but is a deeper problem of skills not up to grade level or missing, then remediation is a step in the right direction to stop falling behind and catch up with peers.

High School Remediation ensures you learn - and master - the skills that you need to catch up with peers. This program primarily focuses on preventing you from dropping out of high school when the skill gap becomes too intense.

Remediation programs with an alternative high school like American Highs School Academy, give you the opportunity to dig deep and fill in the knowledge gaps that you missed in traditional school and bring you up to grade-level performance.

Alternative school classes offer the flexibility you need to not interfere with your current course load and even allow you to schedule them around extracurricular activities. In this way, nobody in your peer group has to know what you’re up to.

Similarly, you can take advantage of long summer breaks and winter holidays to catch up. The program meets Florida state’s educational standards even while teachers personalize the learning experience to meet your unique needs. This isn’t someone else’s curriculum. Rather, it’s a learning presentation that works for you.

What makes the courses different is the combination of audio-visual content with the written word. Therefore, it appeals to all learning styles. Best of all, you receive immediate feedback on assessments, which helps you gauge mastery of the subject matter. There are no longer the wait times between turning in assignments and receiving a grade. Instead, you know immediately where you need to dig a little deeper.

The result is high school coursework that you can use to bridge the knowledge gap you currently struggle with. In the same way, high school remediation keeps you from dropping out. After all, you’re going to be back on par with your peers’ achievements.

A Word on Special Education Needs

Sometimes, you need to work with a tutor who has your back. This isn’t always possible at your current high school. As a result, you’ve been struggling with self-esteem issues. Maybe peers have started making fun of you due to academic failures. But it’s not your fault.

There could be language gaps. You’ve been working hard on your English, but it’s challenging when you’re learning the language and receive instruction in it, too.

With the right tutoring on your schedule, it’s possible to build your skills, instill excellent study habits, and boost your self-esteem at the same time. You’re smart. Deep down, you know that. The same goes for a language gap that makes it difficult to keep up with peers who seem to sail through the curriculum with ease.

With the tutor on your side, you can stop struggling. Instead, you learn how to follow peers by picking up on the fundamentals you need to understand the major subjects. Best of all, the approach is fully customized to help you build your knowledge base. The tutor meets you at your point of need and enables you to get where you want to be academically.

Experience Real High School Dropout Prevention

There’s undoubtedly an effort to prevent dropouts at your high school. However, is it a program that reaches you?

Frequently, public schools don’t understand what their individual students struggle with. They offer generalized approaches to a highly individual subject. But each student's struggle is highly personal.

A real solution that addresses your specific needs won't be achieved by following a generic plan. In contrast, a customized intervention that recognizes what’s putting you at risk of dropping out will provide a greater benefit and have a higher likelihood of success. 

In many cases what has gotten you to the point where you seriously considering dropping out to be your only option, a combination of factors has got you there. You've developed some skill gaps that seem too big to overcome; you're missing credits as a result. Making things worse, you can’t take the classes over because they’re not offered by your school.

In a traditional school there’s no mechanism to provide you with online courses and tutoring to overcome these problems. It’s a vicious cycle that almost inevitably leads to a high level of frustration.

However, frustration doesn't have to take over. Don’t throw up your hands. Instead, participate in an online program that helps you recapture your credits and get your coveted high school diploma.

Even if you’ve already dropped out, all is not lost. You can make up the courses online with the help of the American High School Academy. In some cases, you can do so and graduate together with peers. In all cases, successfully completing your program with us means you’ll receive an accredited high school diploma that enables you to go on to an institution of higher education. Moreover, it’s all done with your needs in mind.

To learn more about alternative education programs including credit recovery, remediation and dropout prevention and how it can be your answer to graduation, connect with us at the American High School Academy.

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