Can An Alternative High School Help Students with ADHD or Other Learning Disabilities Graduate?

Can an alternative high school help your child with ADHD graduate?

Is the traditional school system failing your teen?

Your teen struggles to maintain passing grades. They're not lazy. They're not a bad kid. In fact, they're a good kid who tries hard.
You might be looking at the problem from the wrong angle. Have you considered that maybe your teen is failing because the school system is failing your teen?

For many high school students ADHD, autism, social issues, or learning disabilities could escape the notice of school administrators.

Alternative High School Administrators Offer Solutions

High school student behavioral challenges can be a symptom of underlying problems.

Sometimes, there is tremendous pressure on a child with ADHD or autism to conform to a neuro-typical learning environment.

Occasionally, there is no formal diagnosis. In cases where parents know what they are dealing with, there are often no school accommodations. Many high schools do not have the resources to provide an alternative learning experience to a student. 

Even if there is an IEP (individualized educational plan) in place, there is a chance that not every teacher follows it. If there are frequently substitute teachers, they may not know that the IEP is in place in the first place.


In short, it is easy for your teen to fall between the cracks. 

Adding insult to injury, your child may not be able to advocate for her or himself. Maybe they feel self-conscious or intimidated by the teacher to stand up and request specific accommodations.

Next, there is the worry of standing out among peers, which is something that middle and high school students dread.
Whether it is ADHD, autism, or a high school student learning disability, working with an alternative high school can offer significant advantages to your teen. 

Testing Helps You Understand What the Teen’s Needs Are

students walking togetherCase in point is the academic, behavioral, and cognitive testing that the American High School Academy provides.

There is no stigma. High school learning disabilities testing is confidential, private, and protects the dignity of your teen.

Available tests include:

Academic testing.

Understand your child’s educational level. The analysis reveals mathematical, writing, and reading skills. It assigns a grade level to the teen’s current abilities. It gives you a starting point for developing a customized curriculum approach.

Cognitive testing.

In the past, people called this an IQ test. Today, it helps you understand your teen’s cognitive abilities when compared to peers. Results may pinpoint the need for support. Moreover, if your child’s test reveals a level of giftedness, s/he requires an entirely different instructional approach.

Developmental testing.

This evaluation reveals strengths and weakness. It compares your child’s developmental milestones to those of other youngsters of a similar age. If there are delays, it is possible to accommodate for them.

Behavioral testing.

Behavioral difficulties can have physiological, psychological, or social causes. Your child may struggle with ADHD, an autism spectrum disorder, or have similar concerns. Behaviors affect learning. In some cases, they diminish learning readiness. High school student behavioral challenges could also affect the ability to receive instruction within the typical classroom environment.

Why Knowledge Is Power

It is a common misconception that poor grades and negative teacher reports are signs of laziness. This is just not true.

Similarly, parents and even doctors do not necessarily catch many of these conditions early in life. Therefore, it is entirely possible for a teen on the autism spectrum to fly under the radar. Similarly, high school students ADHD diagnoses are not uncommon.

Before you assume that your child needs to study harder or longer, consider that the typical classroom is not meeting their needs. No matter how hard they try, the setup prevents them from succeeding.

When you start with high school learning disabilities testing and include the other evaluations, too, you get a better picture of what your teen is dealing with.

Should your regular school provide these services? Maybe, but why wait for them to get around to it when an alternative high school like American High School Academy can do so now?

How Your Child Could Benefit from an Alternative High School Education

High school graduation is the goal. Getting there with your teen’s self-esteem intact is essential.

Most importantly, they should enjoy their learning experiences to encourage subsequent college attendance. Enrolling in an alternative high school could make this difference in your teen’s life.

For example, did you know that the typical large classroom setting is problematic for a child with ADHD?It is virtually impossible to focus without getting sidetracked.

Even if your child is on medication, there are too many stimuli to contend with. Social problems abound as well. The larger the school, the more likely there will be bullying and disrespect.

student struggling with work on a laptopIn contrast, American High School Academy students share many similar traits. They grew tired of the frustration they experienced in the traditional classroom. They suffered because of negative peer interactions. Worse yet, they may have lacked the academic support they needed from educators who did not know how to help.

In the alternative high school classroom, the experience adapts to the child’s needs. Many thrive in a technology-rich setting with one-on-one attention.

Others prefer learning from home with minimal classroom attendance. When there is in-class learning, small groups allow for a positive and enriching environment.

Besides that, your teen might choose a flexible session plan that provides for school attendance during times that they learn best.

Do Not Force a Unique Child to Adapt to a Failing Learning Environment

Many children do okay in the traditional classroom. However, some do not. Forcing them to adapt to a learning environment that hinders their progress is detrimental to their quality of life. Now, they do not have to do so.

There is an alternative. The American High School Academy offers a quality education experience for these unique individuals. Most thrive in a setting that works for them. Many go on to enroll in colleges or universities after high school graduation.

Whether you are dealing with ADHD, behavioral issues, or a high school student learning disability, your child can do well and graduate from high school. Put your child on the road to success by talking to one of our advisors today.

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