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Completing Your Diploma Online? Make Sure You Choose a Fully Accredited High School

Accreditation Isn’t Just for Colleges

Thinking about completing your high school diploma at an alternative high school? Whether you plan on finding an in-class, online or mixed program, you want to be sure the school  is fully accredited before you sign up for that first course.

It’s a common misconception that only higher educational programs undergo these evaluations. But reputable alternative high schools also make sure their programs and curriculum meet – or exceed – these high standards.

Granted, college accreditation, or a lack thereof, has been in the news a lot. Most of the press has been negative. There have been colleges and universities without accreditation that nevertheless offer diplomas. In professional circles, you know them as diploma mills.

Whether the school issuing your diploma is accredited will often be the difference between your diploma opening doors to your future or it just being another piece of paper.

For example, even though you pay good money and study hard, employers may not accept your diploma if it comes from a school without proper accreditation.

In specialized fields, the absence of appropriate accreditation means that the job seeker may not have the skills they need to perform well in a position. Examples include healthcare workers and engineers.

If your goal to further your education beyond high school and attend college the importance of accreditation is crucial.  Just qualifying for college entrance requires you graduate from a high school that is recognized by the appropriate governing bodies.

It signals to the admissions offices of the colleges you select that the work that went into earning the diploma you present adequately prepared you for a degree program.

For the majority, the realization that the school they attended lacked accreditation comes too late.

The Benefits of Participating in an Accredited High School Program

One of the benefits of alternative high schools is the options it provides.  A good alternative high school offers its courses and programs in both online and in-class formats.

Choosing a private high school with a “bricks and mortar” classroom experience in addition to its online option offers the flexibility many students need to fully succeed in their studies.

While online courses and programs offer you the maximum scheduling flexibility, there are times when an in-class experience can be of greater importance.

For example, when returning to studies after a long absence such as with adult students, the in-person interaction with both the teacher and fellow classmates can often help with anxiety, getting through more difficult sections of a course, and provide the feeling that what you’re feeling and experiencing in returning to school is “normal” and shared by others in your class.

These schools, offering a mix of online and in-class options are also more likely to be fully accredited which means that all credits earned through the school are transferable.

This means that other high schools and colleges accept the learning that took place at that school meet and are on par with regional and national standards.

The school’s accreditation status is an official assurance of the school and its program’s quality.  Students don’t have to rely on an intake counselor’s promises about the quality of their school’s program.  After all, promises aren’t something you want to build a quality education on. Neither do colleges that require high school diplomas.

What is accreditation and what to look for in the schools you’re considering

What does “fully accredited high school” mean? What should you look for when evaluating a school?

American High School Academy is an example of a fully accredited Alternative High School in Florida.  Factors to look for are:

Is an Alternative High School Diploma Right for You?

Private High School Accreditation. American High School Academy You now know that the American High School Academy is regionally accredited. You also know that a wide range of accrediting bodies has looked over its program and curriculum details.

You know that having gone through this rigorous review by state and national institutions, that it is a reputable school and that other reputable schools and colleges accept its high school diploma just as they would the diploma from any other good-quality high school. Other Accredited schools and colleges will welcome you, too.

If you’re an adult who dropped out of high school, you probably have a lot of responsibilities already or if you’re a younger student who has had to leave high school for reasons that prevent you from attending regular classes, the alternative programs offered by an accredited private high school may bed what you need to get your diploma and move on with your future.

Accredited alternative high schools, like American High School, offer both online and in-class courses, and provide you the flexibility of choosing the course format – online or in-class settings – that make the most sense for you.

As the parent of a teen who is about to drop out, choosing a high school with small in-person class sizes or the virtual classroom of online classes may do away with the distractions that are making learning in the traditional high school environment difficult.

Challenges an alternative high school can help with include bullies, health issues, and a lack of appealing classes. If your learner needs credit recovery for dropout prevention, the opportunity to learn online or in-class at non-traditional times to augment the curriculum at their current high school might be what your student needs. Hybrid programs that blend in-class and online learning also serve to support many students’ holes in the understanding of a subject matter.

Learn more about the benefit of accredited high school attendance by contacting the American High School Academy today.

American High School Academy, is a private, fully accredited high school based in Miami, Florida that offers both online and classroom high school courses.  We also offer credit recovery, dual enrollment, and study abroad programs among others.

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