High School Credit Recovery In Miami Dade (What You Need To Know)

High School Credit Recovery in Miami Dade (What You Need to Know)

Make Up High School Credits Fast With Credit Recovery Classes

You are a high school student who has run into some problems. As a result, you have a difficult time meeting your school’s credit requirements for graduation. In the past, this would have meant giving up and dropping out. Today, you have the opportunity to participate in a high school credit recovery program.

What is High School Credit Recovery?

Credit recovery is your opportunity to get back on track for on-time graduation.

You earn the high school credits that you failed to get when you initially had the chance.

In some cases, this means making up for courses that you failed. In other situations, it refers to the opportunity to take classes now that your school will not offer again for a while.

Who is a Good Candidate for High School Credit Recovery Miami Locals Trust?

Some learners had academic hiccups that resulted in failing grades.

Others dealt with illness, pregnancy, or extracurricular activities that made it impossible for them to keep up with the schoolwork.

Still others may be overcoming behavioral issues that led to expulsions.

Of course, some students are forward-looking and want to graduate early.

No matter why you need high school credit recovery classes, now is an excellent time to find out how to enroll.

How Do Credit Recovery Programs Work?

You select the courses that you need to take to meet your educational goals.

As a recommended school within Miami Dade, American High School Academy works with your high school’s administration to guarantee the transfer of the credits.

When enrolling in your courses, a completed form is signed by your school principle guaranteeing courses you complete with American High School will be accepted for credit toward your high school diploma. 

There is no risk that you complete the course and you don’t receive credit for your work.

Once you go through the classes, do the work, and earn a passing grade, the credit transfers to your official student transcript at your school.

Take as many courses as you need to get back on track or to graduate from high school and start college ahead of schedule.

How Can I Qualify to Participate in the Credit Recovery Program?

How do I enroll in high school credit recovery? The answer is simple: Start by reaching out to a friendly American High School Academy admissions advisor.

You can do so online by filling out our contact form to request an appointment or give us a call.

Together, you and your admissions advisor will discuss your educational needs. Once you decide which courses you will take, fill out the credit recovery authorization form (download it here) that goes to your primary high school.

Once signed, return it to your advisor, and you’re ready to go!

It’s simple and we’ll be with you every step of the way. Make the call and get started!


Below are just some of our most popular credit recovery courses. To see a full list of courses, check out our course catalog.

Language Arts

English I

English II

English III

English IV


Introduction to Business

Personal Finance

Social Studies

United States History

U.S. Government

World History


Algebra I

Algebra II

Integrated Algebra




Lib Arts Math

Math for College Readiness




Earth/Space Science

Environmental Science



Art History

Health & Personal

Introduction to Computer Applications

Physical Education



We currently have students taking credit recovery classes from more than 15 schools in the Miami Dade School District. 

American High School Academy, is a private, fully accredited high school based in Miami, Florida that offers both online and classroom high school courses.  We also offer credit recovery, dual enrollment, and study abroad programs among others.

Contact us if you need help deciding or just wish to talk to someone who can answer your questions. We’re here to help!

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