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Online & Classroom High School Courses (The Pros and Cons of Each)

What are the Benefits of Classroom Study to Finish High School?

It is what almost everyone does. It involves clubs, sporting events, teams, the typical assortment of cliques, and social interactions.

Your parents went through this type of learning environment. The majority of your friends are going through it right now.

It feels like a safe bet.

Exploring the Benefits of Online Study to Finish High School

Maybe you do not fit the mold of the typical learner.

You may have missed some learning opportunities or, conversely, exceeded the opportunities that your school’s curriculum can offer you.

Whether you need to catch up to others at your grade level or academically need something more challenging than those in the same grade, the online learning model can be ideal.

What are the Pros and Cons of Online Versus Classroom Study?

How do you decide whether to finish high school online or in classroom settings? Start by making a list of pros and cons.

Traditional Classroom Learning Considerations

On the plus side, the traditional classroom model offers plenty of opportunities for social interactions. On the downside, these can be a significant problem if you are a victim of bullying.

students in science class. American High School AcademyIt can also be unpleasant when you do not have a lot in common with your classmates due to social, religious, and economic circumstances. Returning to high school as an adult learner with younger classmates can also require a lot of adjustment to feel comfortable.

On the other hand, working with teachers in a classroom can be an advantage when you have a difficult time motivating yourself to do homework and study.

Teachers hold you accountable and get your parents involved when there are problems. In many situations, it is difficult to fly under the radar of a watchful teacher. On the other hand, you may be going to a failing school where you can’t get the attention and help you need to excel.

As an adult learner your teacher can become an ally – someone who champions your efforts to complete your diploma and who can help you keep perspective if the challenge of your courses can feel overwhelming when you have to attend to your responsibilities outside of school.

The benefits of classroom study to finish high school may also include the opportunity to participate in a rite of passage. There are the proms, the homecoming, and walking across the stage to receive your diploma.

However, when these trappings of traditional learning do not appeal to you, there may be little left to keep you going.

Online Learning Considerations

The obvious cons of online learning include a lack of socialization options, teacher-led accountability, and support-network building opportunities.

However, the pros associated with study through online courses to finish high school open up a whole new world:

students in science class. American High School Academy

  • Study abroad programs. Finish high school while you travel with friends or family members. Combine book-learning online with an experiential education that is hands-on.
  • Credit recovery. When you have a difficult time getting the classes you need to finish your diploma courses, an online school works well. It also fills the gap in cases of illness, pregnancy, expulsion, substance abuse recovery, and other situations that make traditional learning difficult.
  • Dual enrollment. Complete college credits even while you still finish high school. Get on track to hit the ground running after graduation.

How to Decide Whether to Finish High School Online or in Classroom Settings

First, make your list of pros and cons.

Then a good idea is to start by taking one class online to see what it is like.

From there, it is easy to jump right in if that is what you think will work best.

American High School Academy, is a private high school based in Miami, Florida that offers both online and classroom high school courses.  We also offer credit recovery, dual enrollment, and study abroad programs among others.

Contact us if you need help deciding or just wish to talk to someone who can answer your questions. We’re here to help!

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