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Is a High School Diploma Important? (We’ll tell you the truth)

Do you regret your decision to drop out of high school?

If you left school but are thinking of going back to finish your diploma, you may be wondering whether it’s worth the effort.  You may be asking if earning your high school diploma is really that important to your future? Well, the short answer is “yes.” In fact, statistics show it matters very much.
Approximately 40 million Americans have never graduated high school. 60 percent of those dropouts are now between 40 and 70 years old and, according to the American Council on Education, 9 in 10 of those dropouts have never earned more than $40,000 a year in their lifetime.
In other words, 90% of high school dropouts will never earn more than $40,000 a year. That means without a high school diploma the odds that you will ever get a job that pays more than the minimum wage are stacked against you. The simple truth is a high school diploma will open doors that without it would be closed to you.

Below are just some of the ways your diploma will help you move forward.

It Tells Employers You Are Worth Hiring

Students studying together. How to Decide whether a High School Completion Program is for You. American High School Academy. Miami, FL.Let’s face it, it’s a competitive economy and employers aren’t willing to take a chance on choosing the wrong person when they’re hiring.

In fact, most employers won’t even consider hiring someone who doesn’t have their high school diploma.

You may think that’s unfair, until you realize it costs a business both time and money to hire and train a new employee.

A business wants to be sure they’re making the right investment in choosing you to be part of their team.

Earning your high school diploma tells employers that you are responsible and have the self-discipline needed to work well and complete assignments. It tells employers that you can do a job, that you can succeed, and that you are capable of setting goals and making them happen.

It Puts You in Line to Get Promoted

Competition doesn’t end with getting hired. Just as a high school diploma will put you on the list to get a job, it will also put you on the list to get promoted.

Even if an employer took a chance and hired you for an entry level position, you’ll be in competition with  other co-workers for advancing into better paying roles once you’re on the job.

Advanced positions with better pay in most cases require special skills or credentials. Employers are often willing to pay for that training when promoting their employees into those roles.

When a promotion opportunity comes up, if you don’t have your high school diploma a co-worker who does is automatically more competitive than you simply because they’re in a position to qualify for the training program. They are eligible to enrol while you aren’t.

Why wouldn’t you be eligible to enrol in the program?  That brings us to the next truth about having a high school diploma…

You Need a High School Diploma to Qualify for Most Training Programs

Students studying together. How to Decide whether a High School Completion Program is for You. American High School Academy. Miami, FL.

Not only will your diploma make you competitive for a job and promotions,  but your diploma is necessary if you have dreams to pursue any specialized role or career.

All trade schools, colleges and universities require applicants have a high school diploma or equivalent in order to qualify to become a student. Outside of on the job promotions, not completing your high school diploma means you’ll have to give up any dreams you have of learning a trade, entering the police or fire academy, or working in an office or technical job. Because all these careers require you successfully complete training programs at trade schools, colleges, or universities, not having your diploma shuts the door because your application to attend these programs won’t won’t even be considered.

One More Thing…

The above are just some of the important truths about what a high school diploma can do for you.  But we haven’t even mentioned what going back to school and finishing your diploma will do to how you feel about yourself and your future.

It’s a truth that we make a first impression on everyone we meet. Whether  applying for a job or just meeting new people, not having your diploma will play a part in the kind of impression you make.

When you can say you are a high school graduate you’re telling people that you have the self-discipline and dedication to do something important. That you have plans for yourself and for your future.  You are telling people that you believe in yourself and that they can believe in you.

Ultimately, making the decision to go back to school is a personal thing, but the truth is a high school diploma can open doors and create opportunities that are unavailable to you as a high school dropout.  More importantly, completing your high school diploma will teach you what you are capable of.

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