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Traditional School 6-12

Intro to Traditional School Academics: 
American High School Academybelieves in a traditionally academic college-preparatory curriculum, supplemented by a wide variety of electives and small classes to enable faculty to meet students’ individual needs. American High School Academy’s academic program centers around the essential core curriculum: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, World Languages, and Visual and Performing-Arts. Enrichment is provided in elective and required courses in Computer Science, Art History, Humanities, Philosophy, Health Sciences, Journalism, the Classics, and Physical Education.
Intro to the college prep curriculum for Grades 6-12:
American High School Academy’s curriculum is rigorous the core of studies are fundamental to a liberal arts education and supplemented by a variety of elective courses designed to fit the special needs and interests of individual students. In English classes, students become critical thinkers, perceptive readers, expressive writers, and articulate speakers. In mathematics classes, students develop an understanding of: mathematical structures and models, communicate and reason in mathematical terms, and become effective problem solvers. In science classes, students are challenged to solve: real life scientific problems, as well as, to understand fundamental scientific principles. In social science classes, students investigate the principles of: a democratic society and the foundations essential to produce aware, compassionate, and effective citizens of the new millennium. In world languages classes, students learn to: communicate effectively in the rapidly changing and increasingly interdependent world. In computer science, students become computer literate, and develop advanced computer skills foundational for further studies in college level computer sciences. In visual and performing arts classes, students learn to, appreciate the arts as they develop their skills up to the conservatory levels. Physical education courses teach students to understand the key components of “wellness” as a life-long value. Electives stimulate and excite students, and encourage them to discover themselves with courses in diverse subjects as: Business, Current Fiction, Philosophy, Health Sciences, Journalism, Current Political Issues, the Modern Middle East, Sociology, Psychology, Nonfiction, Java, Foreign Languages and Theatre Arts.  The Advanced Placement (AP) Program allows able students to take college-level courses and examinations while still in high school. Course content is significantly more rigorous than the honors level. Students scoring well on the nationally adjudicated AP examinations may earn college credit to many colleges and universities. AP courses are offered annually at American High School Academy, depending upon student demand.   Dual enrollment at Florida International University and Miami Dade College is also available for students who wish to do advanced work and have demonstrated sufficient academic potential.

Program Includes:

  • Door-to-door transportation:  for qualified students
  • Individual tutoring
  • Small class size, student/teacher ratio of 10:1
  • Direct instruction strategies
  • A safe, consistent daily routine
  • Periodic academic testing
  • Individualized education programs for qualified students
  • School-wide uniforms


Traditional School Setting and Attendance requirements:
American High School Academy would like to certify that the traditional educational programs for grades 6-12 are administered in a bricks and mortar educational institute with traditional classroom settings, operated with students present for at least 180 days each school year. Students during a five-day period, receive not less than 22.5 net hours of instruction or a minimum of 170 actual days and the hourly equivalent of 180 actual school days.

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