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Specialized Education

Specialized Education:

Intro to  Specialized education programs

Did you know that a student drops out of high school every 26 seconds?  That’s more than one million students a year.  There is an alternative to dropping out;
American High School Academy’s Drop-out Prevention and Alternative/Specialized educational programs help give at risk students an alternate route to graduation – and to all the opportunities a real high school diploma provides.

Students drop out of school for a variety of reasons. Some work full-time to support their families or have missed too much school because of an illness. Others say they feel uncomfortable in large classes. Getting back on track can be difficult for young people facing such challenges.
American High School Academy recognizes that not all students succeed in a traditional learning environment, and provides the alternative program some students need to avoid dropping out of school.

Drop-out  Prevention and Alternative-Specialized Education
American High School Academy also helps students who may be:

  • chronically truant
  • academic skill deficiencies
  • credit deficiencies
  • medical conditions
  • disruptive in a traditional school setting; or
  • in need of an individual educational plan
  • expulsion or long term suspension


Some American High School Academy students are English language learners. Others are students who simply feel like they just don’t fit in a traditional school setting, they are referred to American High School Academy, where their opportunities to succeed are greatly enhanced.

American High School Academy students are successful. Their progress is measured by BASI (Pearson’s Basic Achievement Skills Inventory), the diagnostic assessment administered by American High School Academy at multiple points during a student’s education. American High School Academy uses BASI results along with other assessment tools to create individualized learning plans for students when they enter the program. Upon completion of the program, students are tested again to track their academic progress. According to the standardized BASI results, American High School Academy students achieve more than one year’s academic growth during one year’s time.

Program Options: American High School Academy offers flexible program options: tailored to each individual student and school district’s needs.

  • Programs offered on campus / credit recovery available at home via virtual school
  • Program specifically for students with special needs, including social, learning or emotional challenges
  • Transitions: On-campus programs delivered in conjunction with an off-campus program to provide a broader spectrum of alternative services to students
  • Program designed for English language learners
  • Recovery program for students who have already dropped out of school
  • Night School after traditional school hours for students who work or care for family members.
  • Summer School programs held during the summer.


Drop-out Prevention and Alternative / Specialized Educational, Curriculum & Instruction

American High School Academy’s Drop-out prevention and Alternative / Specialized education programs support a competency-based education model; where students work at their own pace on Essential Skills and Content Skills programs that are based on their individual skill levels. Students spend about three-quarters of the day working on computers to master their subjects with assistance from teachers and instructional staff. The rest of the day is spent: doing writing assignments, participating in group projects and conducting research.  American High School Academy teachers guide students to make good choices about their academic progress, attendance and consideration for others in the learning center. There is 01 instructor for every 10 or fewer students, so students receive individualized attention – and they stay on task, focused, motivated and engaged in learning. The result – students feel bright, capable and responsible for their achievement.

Students referred to American High School Academy’s Drop-out prevention or Alternative education programs are at risk of dropping out of school, and 91 percent of them graduate, earn credits or return to their district school closer to or at their corresponding grade level; due to the individualized support they receive at American High School Academy.

American High School Academy provides small learning communities where the student-to-instructor ratio is 10 to 01.  All teachers are certified and meet the Highly Qualified Teacher requirements set by our accreditors. American High School Academy teachers are supported by instructional assistants who possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

Guidance Counselors
Each student is assigned a guidance counselor who will work with the student throughout the high school years. The counselors, all have degrees in counseling psychology and / or school counseling and serve as the college admission counselors, advocates for the students, personal counselors for students, crisis counselors, referral agents to community professionals, resource persons for teachers in regard to individual students, liaisons for the parents, advocates for the teachers, facilitators of communication, academic advisors, and facilitators of social issues groups. The College and Guidance Counseling department regularly holds events regarding the college admission process for students and parents each of the four years of high school. Teachers will regularly communicate with their students' counselors and keep them informed regarding students' progress; in turn, counselors interact with students and their parents, providing an optimum educational experience. College selection and admission becomes a natural outgrowth of the relationship established as the counselor, the student, and the parents work as a single unit.

Program Includes:

  • Door-to-door transportation for qualified students *
  • Individual tutoring
  • Small class size, student/teacher ratio of 10:1
  • Direct instruction strategies
  • A safe, consistent daily routine
  • Periodic academic testing
  • Individualized education programs for qualified students


Tuition & Registration Options


Programs Cost:
RegistrationFee of $527.00 + $725.00  per month – Classroom Based

Registration Options:

To schedule an appointment with an admissions counselor, you may contact:

American High School Academy
Admissions Office
10300 SW 72 ST # 427
Miami, Florida 33173

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm &
Saturdays 9:00am 12:00 noon

(305) 270-1440 / 1-877-276-1440


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