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Mission Statement

Mission Statement: The mission of American High School Academy Schools is to educate the whole person by ensuring an outstanding, dynamic learning environment, which recognizes and nurtures the unique talents, and gifts of the individual student; vigorously preparing them for college, life's journey, and providing outstanding educational services to our global community.

Values: By demonstrating and acting accordingly to these values, American High School Academy will ensure the legacy for American High School Academy Schools.

  1. Keep the students’ needs above all other needs.
  2. Model, expect, and encourage respect for self, others, authority, and property.
  3. Educate the whole child to develop a well-rounded individual.
  4. Explore, identify, develop, and maximize talents and abilities.
  5. Act with personal and academic integrity in all endeavors.
  6. Ensure academic honesty in all aspects of student life.
  7. In its selection of students with a wide spectrum of academic potential, challenge them to achieve their academic potential.
  8. Develop and maintain trusting, respectful relationships among all community members.
  9. Create an environment where openness, self-expression, and accessibility prevail.
  10. Maintain a sense of justice for all American High School Academy community members. Make decisions after listening to all pertinent information from the appropriate sources.
  11. Create a natural, flexible, and orderly learning environment.
  12. Manage multiple campuses under the one school umbrella.
  13. Hire, retain, develop, and reward talented individuals highly committed to American High School Academy’s mission.
  14. Lead the school from a sound economic base, based upon tuition and advancement efforts.
  15. Be a model for citizenship and social responsibility.
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